About us

Superpower Kids is a program that teaches kids about values, and ultimately, how to live a values-based life.

The Superpower Kids program discusses values in an open and constructive manner. It promotes the development of a consistent language about values and an understanding of how values should be expressed and applied in healthy ways. This empowers kids with the confidence and skills to live values in a positive manner.

The Superpower Kids program provides ample scope for kids to “try on” values in the real-world. By living and applying a single value across a whole month, kids gain a deep understanding of the value and how living the value feels across diverse contexts.

Through this lived experience of practicing and discussing values, the values become normalized and ingrained (internalised). This empowers kids to confront their limiting beliefs; re-frame negative self-talk; build the confidence to take virtuous action; develop empathy into their communication and decision making; reflect on their decisions; and so much more.

From our family to yours, we hope the program provides you and your child a scaffold from which to build a healthy values-based life – and importantly, contributes to developing a family culture that facilitates growth, openness and support.

Yours in a values-based life,

Dani & Simon Clarke.

About the Authors

Daniele and Simon Clarke are parents to two children, Melissa and Thomas. They live in Brisbane, Australia.

Daniele is a Psychologist, registered with the Psychology Board of Australia. Daniele has a special interest in cognitive therapy and child developmental psychology.

Simon has a career of over 30-years in education, having founded and managed a private education institution that specialises in the training of counsellors and mental health professionals.

Together they have a shared interest in living a values-based life and exploring how they can use their respective backgrounds to support the positive development of their children.