The Superpower Kids programs are designed to support the Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) of school aged children. 

The programs are based on sound science, incorporating evidence-based practices and CASEL framework principals. 

Psychological strategies incorporated into the programs include Positive Psychology, Strength Based Approach and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (and others, as required). 

The Superpower Kids programs foster development across all five of the CASEL framework areas of competency including self-awareness, self-management, responsible decision-making, relationship skills and social awareness.

Programs can be facilitated by teachers and seamlessly incorporated into the classroom environment. 

For ease of application in the classroom, each Value comes with a Teacher’s Guide, which is simple and concise. It incorporates all instructions necessary to deliver the program in an effective manner.

UPDATE: On 16 November 2020 the Productivity Commission into Mental Health report was publicly released. The report incorporates key recommendations including: Strengthening the ability of schools to assist students and deliver an effective social and emotional learning curriculum (Action 5.3); Improving teachers skill sets surrounding child social and emotional development (Action 5.4); Reporting by schools of wellbeing outcomes (Action 5.6 & 5.7).

To learn more about how you can deliver the Superpower Kids programs in your school, and how we can assist you work toward the Productivity Commission recommendations, please Contact Us